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Fantastic Air Fights!

Dunkirk: An Amazing Rescue Story!

Jul 24, 2017Comments off

The Evacuation of Dunkirk is probably not well known to those unfamiliar with WWII history.  In a nut-shell, about 400,000 Allied soldiers ( mainly British,


Tour de Force by Sally Hawkins!

Maudie: A Triumph of Will!

Jul 17, 2017Comments off

I have been a Sally Hawkins fan since she starred in “Happy Go Lucky” (2008).  In “Maudie,” Hawkins get an even better chance to demonstrate


Interesting and Often Funny!

Their Finest: An Amusing WWII Story

Apr 26, 2017Comments off

This English WWII film is primarily a drama, although it has many comedic moments.  The Danish director (Lone Scherfig – “An Education”) does another fine


My Favorite Movie of 2017!

Frantz: An Intense and Compelling Drama

Apr 19, 2017Comments off

I loved this foreign film.  It is a “MUST SEE” which I think should be nominated for multiple A.A.s, including Best Foreign Picture, Best Female


Interesting True Story!

Hidden Figures: Adds Up A Winner!

Jan 15, 2017Comments off

It’s the early 1960’s in segregated Virginia.  The United States was shocked when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik and was further humiliated when Yuri Gagarin


Heavy-Handed and Slow!

Jackie: A Vehicle For Portman That Crashed!

Dec 25, 2016Comments off

This film covers the time interval between right before President Kennedy’s assassination until shortly after his funeral.  It starts with a journalist (Billy Crudup) interviewing


Very Violent and Difficult to Watch!

The Birth Of A Nation – Bloodier Than...

Oct 20, 2016Comments off

Nate Parker starred, directed, and co-wrote this very violent and intense film.  Nat Turner’s story is well known, so I won’t be concerned about giving


Interesting Film About The Holocaust!


Oct 17, 2016Comments off

Question:  Where do the majority of people live?                                  


A Must-See For Beatle Fans!

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week – The ...

Oct 04, 2016Comments off

Directed by Ron Howard, this documentary not only has The Beatles’ timeless, fantastic music, but also gives us considerable insight into what made “The Beatles”


A Winner From Oliver Stone!


Sep 27, 2016Comments off

Whistle-Blower Patriot or Traitor, most people have probably already made up their minds concerning Edward Snowden, perhaps the most controversial American since 9/11 (with stiff