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Three Days to Kill-DVD

August 31, 2014
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The problem with this film is that it can’t decide whether it’s action movie or a drama about a father/daughter relationship so it fails on both counts.

Kevin Cosner (Ethan Renner) is a CIA agent who learns he has a virulent cancer and only has a few months to live.  He decides to go to Paris to be with his ex-wife(Conniie Nelson-Christine Renner) and daughter (Zoey-Hailee Steinfeld).  He still loves his wife but his marriage ended due to his being away so much and his life being in constant danger.  He loves his daughter but he hasn’t seen her for years.

Almost immediately after he re-connects with Christine and Zoey another CIA agent ( the pretty and enigmatic (Vivi-Amber Heard) offers Renner the use of a promising experimental drug to treat his cancer but only if he agrees to help the CIA  kill a terrorist.

Will Renner succeed in his mission and will the drug keep him alive?  Will he be able to salvage his tenuous relationship with Zoey? Will his unattached wife take him back? Does anyone really care?

Rating-6.5- ” On the Bubble” (OTB) Rental-only rent if you are a big Cosner fan


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