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Mean Girls-10th Anniversary Edition DVD

August 31, 2014
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Next to “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” this is my favorite movie about high school.  If you’ve never seen it (or even if you have) it’s a real treat.  It’s consistently smart and funny, has great performances and a nice message.

Cady (Lindsay Loihan) lived in Africa with her parents and was home schooled.  Her parents move back to the states so she starts going to a regular high school where she has to navigate between various clicks and learns how vicious high school kids can be.

It’s a pleasure to see Lindsay when she was still innocent and pretty. (She is the only one in the movie whose career went south.)

Regina (Rachel McAdams) is the high school alpha female and the leader of the “Plastics”  She rules the roost along with her two friends who are terrified of her. (Karen-Amanda Seyfried and Gretchen-Lacey Chabert). Regina’s mother (Amy Poehler) has a small part which is good for a few laughs

Cady gets some help surviving from two alienated students (Janis-Lizzy Caplan and Aaron-Jonathan Bennett).

Written by Tina Fey who also has a small role( Ms. Norbury) the movie stands the test of time.

McAdams and Seyfried are now top young actors, Caplan is the star of my favorite TV show (The Masters of Sex), Poehler has her own TV show, and Fey a mega conglomerate who deserves her success. I hope Lindsay eventually can find her way back.

Rating-8.0-very good movie and an all time high school classic!


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