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Edge of Tomorrow

June 28, 2014
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If you like Sci-Fi alien invasion  movies try to catch this one before it leaves the theaters.

Lt. Col  Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) is a US Army Public Relations Officer.  He is trying to recruit soldiers to fight alien invaders who are kicking the world’s ass.  The aliens have taken over most of Europe and the World is trying to stop them in France before they attack and defeat England. Earth has some hope because they won the most recent battle.

Cage is meeting with General Brigham  (in charge of Earth’s defense) who tells him that he will be on the front lines of today’s major battle for Earth’s freedom.  Cage isn’t a soldier and he tries to maneuver his way out of this assignment but he is unsuccessful.  He gets killed in the battle but somehow wakes up about 24 hours before his recent death. He remembers what happened in the prior day but nobody else does because they never lived it before.

The aliens are a bee like society with Octopus-like “Mimics” doing the killing being controlled by a giant brain who can  manipulate time.  Somehow the power to reverse time was transferred to Cage when he was killed.

Cage links up with another soldier Rita Vtataski (Emily Blunt) who previously had the same power but lost it after she was wounded and given blood. Cage and Rita try again and again (the day keeps getting replayed only a bit differently each time) to find the secret location of the master brain and kill it before Earth is defeated.

This is a creative and interesting story based on the novel “All You Need is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The movie has plenty of action and good special effects.  Cruise’s character is fleshed out well and he undergoes considerable change for the better during the film.

The Director (Doug Liman ) gets a great performance from Cruise and a good one from Blunt.  There’s also nice chemistry between the leads.

This movie is best seen on the BS and won’t work nearly as well as a rental.

Can Cage and Rita defeat this all powerful alien who can anticipate their every move and live to tell the tale?

Rating-7.5-Good movie


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