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January 11, 2014
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If you enjoyed Zombieland (which I did) you will probably like this movie too.  I think it will eventually wind up a cult classic!

We are now in a post-apocalyptic era.  The earth is inhabited by a small percentage of humans, mainly zombies, and some bonies (super aggressive zombies that  even eat zombies as well as humans).

The movie is based on the novel by Isaac Marion and the Writer/Director is Jonathan Levine.  (The book is supposed to be even  better than the movie.) The film creatively turns the zombie genre upside down by telling the story from the zombie’s perspective.

R (Nicholas Hoult) is a zombie but he somehow has retained some human qualities. He and some zombies attack a few humans, among them Julie.  R is attracted to Julie (Teresa Palmer) and rescues her, although he first kills her boyfriend and eats his brains.  (By eating a human’s brains, the zombie then gets access to the victim’s memories, so he learns about Julie’s relationship with her boyfriend.)

By some miracle this emotional connection with Julie starts to make him feel more alive and become more human.  Hoult does a great job acting less and less zombie-like as the movie progresses.  After a while, Julie also starts to have positive feelings for R too!

Can true love conquer all?  See this most unusual love story and find out!

Rating 7.5 (good movie-well worth renting)


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