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The Hundred-Foot Journey

August 22, 2014
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Madam Mallory (Helen Mirren) is the owner of an excellent French restaurant located in rural southern France ( Le Saule Pleurer-The Weeping Willow) which has been awarded the prestigious Michelin star.

The Kadams are an Indian family that had their own restaurant in India but it was burned down in a political riot.  They subsequently fled India to start over in Europe.

Their car breaks down outside of the village with the restaurant.  While the car is being repaired the father (“Papa”-Om Puri) decides to buy a building directly across  the street from Mallory’s restaurant to start their new Indian restaurant there.  He views it as a  cosmic sign that the car broke down there. The father’s son (Hassan-Manish Dayal) is a young talented cook, taught by his mother.

Mallory is upset about the Kadams’ restaurant for multiple reasons and doesn’t want the restaurant to succeed.

Also working at Mallory’s restaurant is a beyond beautiful  sous chef (Marguerite-Charlotte Le Bon).

Most of the film involves on the evolving relationship between Mallory and Papa and to a lesser extent, Hassan with both  Mallory and Marguerite.

Although it’s a comedy, there is about 20 minutes where the movie turns violent related to racism which I didn’t think fit the mood of the film well. (The incidents may be in the book on which the movie  is based, written by Richard C. Morris.)

I won’t say more about the plot but the film is entertaining and worth a 10 mile journey  to the theater.  I also recommend you see the movie after rather than before a meal!

Rating-8.0-very good movie


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