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January 2, 2014
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Although receiving poor reviews I liked this movie and I think it’s worth a trip to the BS.

The story takes place in Germany from about 1941-1945.  The political  and genocidal situations in Germany serve as the backdrop to the plot but isn’t the primary focus,which apparently upset most of the critics. The movie is based on the best seller by Markus Zusak.

Liesel Meminger (Sophie Nelisse) has just lost her younger brother and her mother has fled the country because she is a Communist.   Liesel is soon taken in by a couple (Hans and Rosa Hubermann-Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson). Liesel is illiterate but soon becomes a voracious reader ( being taught by Hans) and even starts stealing books so she has something to read.

The couple a while later take in a Jewish young man hiding from the Nazi’s (Max Vandenberg-Ben Schnetzer). Liesel also makes friends with a neighbor boy her age (Rudy Steiner-Nico Liersch).

The film primarily is about Liesel’s evolving relationships with Rudy, Max, Hans and Rosa and how people somehow persevere thorough horrible times. It also illustrates how even the German people ( who weren’t members of the Nazi party) were oppressed by the war. The acting is excellent, specially Nelisse, who gives an AAW performance.

Rating 8.0 (Top 20 movie)


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