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A Heartwarming and Humorous Film!

A Man Called Ove – Swedish Film with ...

Nov 03, 2016Comments off

This film is an adaptation of Frederick Backman’s best-selling novel of the same name.  The reviews stated it was about a crotchety old man who


Heartwarming and Illuminating!

Look At Us Now, Mother! – OC Intl. Je...

Oct 26, 2016Comments off

This film hasn’t yet been released.  I saw it on Sunday Morning at the Westpark Theater in Irvine, via the O.C. International Jewish Film Festival.


Very Violent and Difficult to Watch!

The Birth Of A Nation – Bloodier Than...

Oct 20, 2016Comments off

Nate Parker starred, directed, and co-wrote this very violent and intense film.  Nat Turner’s story is well known, so I won’t be concerned about giving


A Faithful Adaptation of the Novel!

The Girl On The Train

Oct 13, 2016Comments off

This movie received awful reviews and has only a 44% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but I really liked the Paula Hawkins novel of the same


Not Your Grandpa's Talking Food Cartoon!

Sausage Party

Sep 05, 2016Comments off

It’s almost July 4th, and the hot dogs are “getting a hard-on” with the anticipation of being purchased for the holiday and going off to


Interesting Post-Holocaust Film!

Labyrinth of Lies – Netflix DVD ̵...

Aug 31, 2016Comments off

Question: Where did all the Nazis go after the war ended?  Answer: They just went on with their German lives as if nothing had happened


Intermittently Amusing!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Netflix DVD

Aug 14, 2016Comments off

Some might think this title sounds like a “Footloose” sequel, but don’t be fooled – it’s a comedy/war flick.  Unfortunately, it’s no “M*A*S*H,” and it


Engrossing and Suspenseful!


Aug 07, 2016Comments off

Career women will almost certainly enjoy this film, but it has enough going for it that most men will probably like it, too.  It was


Wild Ride Through the Congo Jungle

The Legend of Tarzan – Special Guest ...

Jul 31, 2016Comments off

Hurt by poor writing choices and spotty visual effects, The Legend of Tarzan swings in for a rather wild ride through the Congo. Desperately running


Lots of Action; Lacking Plot

Independence Day: Resurgence – Specia...

Jul 29, 2016Comments off

The experience being far better than the plot could ever be, Independance Day: Resurgence is exactly what you think it is. Thirty years after the