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January 11, 2015
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This is a carefully crafted movie about the February 1965 showdown in Selma, Alabama. I hadn’t remembered what happened there in detail, so I found the movie informative as well as entertaining.

The film is anchored by a terrific performance by David Oyelow (MLK) who is portrayed as a normal person with strengths and vulnerabilities like the rest of us, but extremely committed to his cause. The events leading up to the Selma march are portrayed in considerable detail as are the political battles between King and several others, primarily, Sheriff Jim Clark (Stan Houston), President Johnson (Tom Wilkinson) and Gov. Wallace (Tim Roth). Some of the personal stresses King faced, as well as marital problems (Carmen Ejogo-Coretta Scott King) are touched upon but are not a primary focus of the film. 
At times the film is difficult to watch as horrible acts of violence are committed, not only against the Black protesters, but also innocent Blacks as well as White supporters of the march.
This film reminds me of last year’s racial drama 42 about Jackie Robinson. Both had interesting stories to tell and did so in a straight ahead and no nonsense style.
Rating-8.0-very good movie

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