Obvious Child-Netflix DVD

January 25, 2015
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If you are on the lookout for a funny indie gem, you can’t do much better than this movie. What is also obvious is that the Writer/Director (Gillian Robespierre) is a very funny, creative and talented filmmaker, who we will no doubt hear from again. This is her first effort and a very good one.

Donna (Jenny Slate) is about 30 and is trying to make it as a stand up comedienne. During the day, she works as Clerk at a book store. Like Seinfeld, she uses her life experiences as material for her act, although in an entirely different way.  Unfortunately, after one of her appearances at a comedy club, her boyfriend unexpectedly dumps her because he couldn’t take her hysterical material about him.

Jenny is devastated and quickly unravels.  She gets drunk after a club date and then has a one night stand with Max (Jake Lacey).  She realizes she is pregnant a few weeks later. She isn’t ambivalent about getting an abortion, but she can’t decide whether to tell Max or not.

Jenny is helped through this crisis by her roommate and best friend Nellie (Gaby Hoffman). The movie is very funny but has depth and is often poignant. The stand up bits are clever, funny and original. The film has an number of interesting themes, including growing up, friendship, and romantic relationships.

It has a few scenes that don’t quite work and it is a bit uneven, but Robin and I really enjoyed it.

As a bonus, you get to listen to Paul Simon’s great song “Obvious Child” twice!

Rating-7.5-very good movie and much better than the average rental


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