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Lone Survivor

January 11, 2014
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Director/Writer Peter Berg (ER) has paid homage to US servicemen in this action/drama war film.  It is a good straight ahead war movie, if you are in the mood for one. Berg made the film in close consultation with a member of the mission, Marcus Luttrell. The acting is excellent with Mark Wahlberg (Marcus Luttrell) having the lead role.

The story is about 4 Navy Seals on a mission in Afghanistan to take out an important Taliban leader.  While they are setting up, some civilians discover them.  The Rules of Engagement prevent them from terminating the civilians even though they will probably tell the Taliban about them. Unfortunately, the mission goes awry because of this and for a number of other reasons.

The first part of the movie gives one a sense of the four men and their strong emotional bond with each other. The second half is about the failed mission.   The battle scenes are intense and very realistic.  THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!

The movie will be more intense on the BS but it will work fine as a rental.

Rating-7.5 (good movie, well worth renting)


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