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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit-DVD

June 28, 2014
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This is my favorite action movie of the year so far. It’s got a great ensemble cast (directed by Branagh) a good plot and plenty of action and suspense.  It is almost a MUST SEE!

Jack Ryan (the late Tom Clancy’s CIA hero) has dropped out of Oxford (where he was getting his PhD in finance) so he can fight in Afghanistan.  He gets severely wounded and needs intensive physical therapy. The doctor in charge of his physical therapy is a senior medical student ( Cathy-Keira Knightley). Jack can’t return to the Marines due to the residuals of his injuries but William Harper (Kevin Costner) from the CIA offers him a chance to serve his country again by joining the CIA’s anti-terrorism unit. ( Jack Bauer was apparently unavailable for the assignment.) Ryan will be working under cover in wall street to try to discover funding for terrorists.

Cathy and Jack have fallen in love and they are living in NYC together but he can’t tell her that he works for the CIA. Cathy soon starts to suspect something is wrong in their relationship.

The US has taken a stance on an issue that has really angered the Russians.  The Russians then hatch a fiendish plot to suddenly crash the US dollar!  The sophisticated  strategy to crash the dollar is being implemented by Victor Cherevin (Kenneth Branagh).

Ryan makes a trip to Russia to try to prevent the successful execution of the plan. Ryan has been under the impression that he has a desk job but it turns out to be a very dangerous assignment.

Rating 8.0-top 20 movie


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