Imitation Game

January 1, 2015
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This drama is a true story about how the British broke the Nazi’s Enigma code and shortened WWII by years, saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch) is socially awkward, among other serious problems (gradually revealed in the film), but he is a genius.  He invents a complicated machine which he thinks has the capability to break the Enigma code. (This machine was the precursor to the computer.) Turing, however, is arrogant and alienates his colleagues, whose help he needs to accomplish the mission.

He is befriended by Joan (Keira Knightly) who helps him establish a better relationship with his co-workers and provides advice and emotional support. Eventually, as history tells us, the team is successful.

The acting by both leads is very good, although I don’t think Cumberbatch deserves the AW since the part had limited range.  The story is interesting and the script is well written, although the film drags in a few spots.

The movie will work fine as a rental, but it is good enough to see on the BS.

Rating-7.5 – 8.0 – Very good movie, but not in my top 20.


P.S. My top 10 for 2014 will be revealed a week before the Academy Awards.

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