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Thank You For Your Service: “Up Close and Pe...

Nov 16, 2017

As a psychiatrist, I have a strong interest in films involving mental illness.  If you want to learn about PTSD in war veterans, you will find this movie informative and emotionally-compelling.  The film is based on the non-fiction book of

Thor: Ragnarok: Lightning Strikes Again!

Nov 14, 2017

I’m not a huge fan of comic book super-hero movies, but I was in Illinois with Robin visiting our son, Noah, and he wanted to see it.  I was pleasantly surprised, and enjoyed the film a lot.  It’s my second-favorite

Goodbye Christopher Robin: May Put You Into Hibern...

Nov 07, 2017

My wife (Robin) was named after Christopher Robin, and my father’s pet name for my mother was “Pooh,” so Robin and I wanted to see it despite the mediocre reviews.  The first half was so slow that I needed to

Jane: Wonder in the Jungle!

Nov 06, 2017

This is a wonderful documentary directed by Brett Morgan.  It was crafted from over 100 hours of incredible color footage that was assumed to be lost until recently.  The film covers Jane Goodall’s personal life, such as her falling in

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