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Gone Girl

October 15, 2014
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Based on the best seller ” Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn this movie is a faithful adaptation of the book. Flynn wrote the screenplay and David Fincher has done a fine job as the Director.

For those of you who live on another planet and haven’t yet read the book, Nick Dunne (Ben Afleck) is married to Amy (Rosamund Pike). At first their marriage was blissful but the recession, the loss of their jobs, and their move back to Missouri to  help take care of Nick’s sick mother has put considerable strain on it.  Nick is now part owner of a bar (purchased  in Amy’s name with her trust fund money) along with Nick’s twin sister (Margo-Carrie Coon).

On their 5th wedding anniversary Nick comes home to find Amy missing. There is evidence of a struggle. You guessed it, Amy is GONE!  How will this mystery unravel? Wild horses won’t drag it out of me.  You will have it see it for yourself!

Nick calls the police.  At first it’s a missing person’s case but after a few days, with no word from Amy, murder seems like a good possibility.  The chief investigator (Det. Rhonda Boney-Kim Dickens) would like to give Nick the benefit of the doubt but certain clues point to him as the possible killer.

Aspects of their marriage unfold in flashbacks and the more you learn about Nick and Amy the less you’ll like them.

The movie has numerous plot twists but all are believable.  The screenplay is terrific and the acting first rate.  The film doesn’t have nearly the humor the book has but that’s the only thing that didn’t translate well to film.

Rating-8.25 – top 15 film


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