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Frances Ha

December 24, 2013
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Frances (Greta Gerwig) is in her late 20’s but  floundering around.  She is trying to make it in the NYC dance scene but without much success. The film is in B and W although I have no idea why, (except perhaps as a homage to Woody Allen’s Manhatten). Directed by Noah Baumbach and co-written by Gerwig and Baumbach, Robin and  I didn’t get it (if there was actually anything to get).

Rob and I only watched the first hour of the film. Although Gerwig co-wrote the script with her real life boyfriend, I wonder if either of them could actually watch this dog from start to finish.

Bottom Line:  If you watch “Frances Ha” the joke’s on you!

P.S.-If anyone on the list liked this film I would appreciate hearing from you.  Amazingly, it is on some best 10 lists!

Rating: 4.0

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