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Fading Gigolo

June 28, 2014
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Written, directed, and starring John Tuturro, this film is quirky and difficult to categorize.  It’s often  very funny but involves serious themes such as loneliness and remaining true to one’s values despite considerable temptation to do otherwise.

Murray (Woody Allen) is down on his luck.  His bookstore has recently gone out of business. He is bored and having difficulty making ends meet. His Dermatologist (Dr. Parker-Sharon Stone) tells him she is really horny and keeps having fantasies of a “menage a trois”. ( I can’t imagine Sharon Stone having difficulty getting laid but I suspended disbelief.)

Murray then talks his long time friend (Fioravante-John Tuturro) into meeting with Dr. Parker. She tries him out one on one and he performs well.   There are many lonely wealthy women  in NYC and soon Murray develops a thriving cash business as Fioravante’s pimp.

Murray decides to introduce Fioravante to a lonely widow (Avigal-Vanessa Paradis)  Her deceased husband was an orthodox rabbi.  This is when the movie takes a more serious turn.  A neighborhood watch cop (Dovi-Liev Schreiber) who loves Avigal from afar suspects something is going on and then starts following Avigail.

Saying more about the plot will spoil the movie but it’s got enough going for it to make it a solid rental, especially if you are a Woody Allen fan.

Rating-7.0-solid rental


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