Enough Said

October 30, 2013
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My friend Ted didn’t like this movie much and considers it a “chick flick”.  It probably is but I still liked it a lot anyway. It’s funny, warmhearted, and has a really good performance by the recently deceased James Gandolfini.
Eva (Julia Louis Dreyfus) is a divorced masseuse lugging her large massage table around to clients. She has a daughter who is a senior in high school who will be going to college and moving out of their house soon. Eva is having trouble letting go.
She meets Albert (James Gandolfini) at a party.  He also  has a daughter who is a high school senior who will be leaving him soon and this issue helps them to bond.  He is overweight and she isn’t attracted to him but he asks her out and she decides to go.  He is a warm and funny guy and she likes him.  They start dating and at first their relationship is going well. He has some quirks but he accepts himself and isn’t interested in changing.
Eva has a client/friend (Marianne-Catherine Keener) who is divorced and keeps complaining about her ex-husband. Eva doesn’t trust her own judgement since her first marriage failed. She is afraid she may be overlooking important liabilities of Albert which could doom their blossoming romance.
Telling more will spoil the plot but the characters are well developed and the screenplay is excellent. The Writer/Director (Nicole Holofcener) is talented and I look forward to more of her films.
I think I’ve “said enough”.

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