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Dallas Buyers Club

November 11, 2013
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An Academy Award worthy (AAW) performance by Matthew McConaughey and a compelling true life story make this film a MUST SEE!  It is in my top 10 and possibly even my top 5 for the year.

Ron Woodroof (Matthew) is a heterosexual, homophobic, red neck, semi-alcoholic, drug abusing, unlikable electrician/cowboy. In the 1980’s, at the height of the AIDS crises in the U.S., Ron gets diagnosed with AIDS.  His friends then think he must be a closet homosexual.

At first he’s in denial but then he decides to fight for his life.  He is given only 30 days to live by his doctor.
Ron tries to obtain AZT but the hospital has a study and half the patients will be on placebo and Ron can’t take that risk.

Ron drives to Mexico, figures out a loophole to get some effective non-approved AIDS drugs into the U.S., takes on the FDA and Big Pharma, and amazingly evolves into a semi-decent human being. He even becomes partners with an over-the-top transsexual (Rayon-Jared Leto), a man he probably would have beaten to a pulp before Ron knew he was sick.

The Director-Jean-Marc Vallee has made a fine film and all the performances are good, including Jennifer Garner-Dr. Eve Saks)-where has she been?) as one of the few compassionate physicians.

Sometimes the film is tough to watch but Robin and I both thought it was terrific. So far McConaughey gets my vote for Best Actor.

Rating 8.5


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