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June 8, 2014
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Chef mixes the right ingredients to create a winner!

Writer/Director/Star Jon Favreau (Carl Casper) is the Chef at an upscale restaurant owned by  Dustin Hoffman (Riva ). A well known food critic (Oliver Platt-Ramsey) is coming to review the place. Carl wants to be creative and cook all new dishes but Riva insists on Carl making his “greatest hits”.  Carl gets panned on Ramsey’s  review which then goes viral on Twitter.  Carl soon decides to quit rather than continue working in the creatively stifling atmosphere.

Carl has been neglecting his son (Emjay Anthony-Percy). His ex-wife (Sofia Vergara-Inez) has a job in Miami  and she suggests that he accompany her and Percy on her business trip. While in Miami he meets with Inez’s ex-husband (Robert Downey Jr.-Marvin) who gives Carl a food truck so he can get back to his cooking roots. (The scene with Downey is the film’s best and really funny.)

The rest of the film is a road trip on the food truck with Carl, his cook/friend (John Leguizamo-Martin) and Percy. This part of the movie is about 20 minutes too long which is my only “beef” with it.

This is a feel good comedy that is about facing and overcoming challenges and becoming  the better for it. Just don’t see it on an empty stomach!

Rating-7.5-good movie-worth a trip to the BS


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