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Terrific Performances by Teller and Koale

Thank You For Your Service: “Up Close...

Nov 16, 2017Comments off

As a psychiatrist, I have a strong interest in films involving mental illness.  If you want to learn about PTSD in war veterans, you will


An All-Around Winner!

War for the Planet of the Apes: “Swin...

Jul 26, 2017Comments off

I am a big fan of this series.  The original “Planet of the Apes” (circa 1968) was co-written by Rod Serling (“Twilight Zone”), who is


Fantastic Air Fights!

Dunkirk: An Amazing Rescue Story!

Jul 24, 2017Comments off

The Evacuation of Dunkirk is probably not well known to those unfamiliar with WWII history.  In a nut-shell, about 400,000 Allied soldiers ( mainly British,


Tour de Force by Gal Gadot!

Wonder Woman: “Wonderful”

Jun 14, 2017Comments off

I think this is a terrific super-hero film with just the right balance of plot, action, special effects, and character development.  It’s the best super-hero


Interesting and Often Funny!

Their Finest: An Amusing WWII Story

Apr 26, 2017Comments off

This English WWII film is primarily a drama, although it has many comedic moments.  The Danish director (Lone Scherfig – “An Education”) does another fine


Intermittently Amusing!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Netflix DVD

Aug 14, 2016Comments off

Some might think this title sounds like a “Footloose” sequel, but don’t be fooled – it’s a comedy/war flick.  Unfortunately, it’s no “M*A*S*H,” and it


Romance with WWI Backdrop

Testament of Youth

Jun 15, 2015Comments off

This is a true story based on pacifist Vera Brittain’s best-selling memoir. Vera (Alicia Vikander — Ava in Ex-Machina) wants to go to Oxford and


Worth Seeing


Mar 17, 2015Comments off

Set in Northern Ireland in 1971, this film is a really good action movie with consistent suspense. (My thanks to Mike G. for recommending it

American Sniper

Jan 22, 2015Comments off

If you want me to take “pot shots” at American Sniper, it’s not going to happen! Based on the book by Chris Kyle (mainly true),