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The Most Over-Rated Film of the Year!

Call Me By Your Name: Falls On Deaf Ears!

Dec 12, 2017Comments off

This film is on everyone’s top ten list and has a 98% Rotten Tomatoes critics rating, but Robin and I didn’t “get it.”  As far


A 'Stop and Smell the Roses' Movie!

Paris Can Wait: So Can You!

Jun 01, 2017Comments off

If you’re in the mood for a ‘stop and smell the roses’ movie, you might enjoy this one, but otherwise I’d pass.  Apparently, this film


Fine Performance By Adams Can't Save It!

Arrival: Warp Speed UFOs, But Snail’s...

Nov 14, 2016Comments off

This film received a ‘93% Fresh’ rating from Rotten Tomatoes and had a great review in the ‘L. A. Times’ and ‘People.’  It stars Amy


Two Dimensional!

A Hologram For The King

May 02, 2016Comments off

Tom Hanks has few, if any, peers playing the ordinary man, but, unfortunately, he is starring in an ordinary film.  This movie begins with a


Falls "Flat"!

Miles Ahead

Apr 24, 2016Comments off

I love Miles Davis (no relation, despite my unrecognized musical talent) and Don Cheadle, but was “left stranded” by “Miles Ahead.”  “Kind of Blue” is my