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A Story Worth Telling!


Sep 14, 2016Comments off

This film chronicles the amazing story of US Airways Flight #1549, which, on a cold January 15, 2009, was forced to make an emergency landing


Unusual True Story!

War Dogs

Sep 02, 2016Comments off

This film, directed and co-written by Todd Phillips, is based on a true story which was originally told by Guy Lawson in his “Rolling Stone”


Interesting Post-Holocaust Film!

Labyrinth of Lies – Netflix DVD ̵...

Aug 31, 2016Comments off

Question: Where did all the Nazis go after the war ended?  Answer: They just went on with their German lives as if nothing had happened


Excellent Screenplay!

Truth – Netflix DVD

Jul 17, 2016Comments off

This film didn’t stay in the theaters too long, but it deserved a better fate.  It has much in common with “Spotlight,” although it’s not


Informative and Emotionally-Compelling!

The Witness

Jun 19, 2016Comments off

Kitty Genovese was brutally murdered by Winston Moseley, at about 3 am, while walking home from her job as a bar waitress in NYC.  As


A Humerous Triffle

Love and Friendship

Jun 14, 2016Comments off

Although I think any movie starring Kate Beckinsale is a “must-see,” this period piece, based on the Jane Austen novella “Lady Susan,” doesn’t quite live


Falls "Flat"!

Miles Ahead

Apr 24, 2016Comments off

I love Miles Davis (no relation, despite my unrecognized musical talent) and Don Cheadle, but was “left stranded” by “Miles Ahead.”  “Kind of Blue” is my


Terrific Historical Spy Drama!

Bridge of Spies

Feb 09, 2016Comments off

This film is based on a true story and is one of my favorite movies of 2015. It is 1957 and there are considerable tensions


Solid Rental But Not A "Peak" Experience


Jan 24, 2016Comments off

This film is a true story about a tragic expedition to Mt. Everest in 1996.  The cinematographer (Salvatore Totino) has captured spectacular views of Everest


Terrific Screenplay!

Steve Jobs

Jan 19, 2016Comments off

I had read the excellent biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, so I wasn’t especially interested in seeing this film.  Over the weekend, however,