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Interesting and Often Funny!

Their Finest: An Amusing WWII Story

Apr 26, 2017Comments off

This English WWII film is primarily a drama, although it has many comedic moments.  The Danish director (Lone Scherfig – “An Education”) does another fine


My Favorite Movie of 2017!

Frantz: An Intense and Compelling Drama

Apr 19, 2017Comments off

I loved this foreign film.  It is a “MUST SEE” which I think should be nominated for multiple A.A.s, including Best Foreign Picture, Best Female


An Intense and Compelling Drama!

The Salesman: Made a Commission on Me!

Feb 12, 2017Comments off

The Writer/Director (Asghar Farhadi) won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 2012 for “A Separation,” and “The Salesman” – nominated for Best Foreign


Isabelle Huppert Shines, But It's Not Enough!

Elle: Not So Swell

Dec 02, 2016Comments off

This is a French film with subtitles that received terrific reviews.  Apparently, I didn’t “get it,” and neither did Robin.  Other than the wonderful performances


A Heartwarming and Humorous Film!

A Man Called Ove – Swedish Film with ...

Nov 03, 2016Comments off

This film is an adaptation of Frederick Backman’s best-selling novel of the same name.  The reviews stated it was about a crotchety old man who


Interesting Post-Holocaust Film!

Labyrinth of Lies – Netflix DVD ̵...

Aug 31, 2016Comments off

Question: Where did all the Nazis go after the war ended?  Answer: They just went on with their German lives as if nothing had happened


Outstanding Acting by the Two Leads!

45 Years

Feb 11, 2016Comments off

This is a nuanced and interesting film revealing how the past can profoundly influence how one perceives the present.  The movie required superb acting from


Terrific Performance by Ronit Elkabetz!

Gett, The Trial of Viviane Amsalem – ...

Feb 01, 2016Comments off

This is an Israeli film with subtitles. Viviane Amsalem (Ronit Elkabetz) has lived apart from her husband for a couple of years, and she now


My Favorite Foreign Film of 2015!

Phoenix – German Film with English Su...

Sep 11, 2015Comments off

Nelly Lenz (Nina Hoss) is a concentration camp survivor whose face has nearly been destroyed by beatings she received at the camp.  She had previously


My favorite foreign film of 2015!

A Borrowed Identity – Hebrew Movie wi...

Jul 12, 2015Comments off

A thought-provoking screenplay by Arab-Israeli Seyad Kashua makes this my favorite foreign film of 2015.  The political situation in the Middle East, as well as