Mission Statement:
The purpose of this blog is to enable movie fans to decide, within a few minutes, whether to see a specific movie or not. The basic format is a brief plot description (without spoiling it), followed by my short take on the movie, injected with some humor, along with a number rating indicating how good I think it is. Most of the movies reviewed will have ratings 7 or above, since I only go to movies that I anticipate will be good. However, if I see one with good reviews that I think is a clunker, I will pan it.

14268021540668dee0eDavid – Author

I have loved the movies ever since I saw “The Wizard of Oz” as a young boy. When Beatle-mania hit the USA, Rock-N-Roll was my greatest passion, but I haven’t enjoyed the current music scene nearly as much over the past 15 years, so that void has been filled by film. In college and med school, I would see movies with my friends and we would stay up late into the night chatting about them. I still love seeing movies with friends and then having dinner to discuss them. This blog evolved out of my desire to tell my movie-loving friends about movies I thought they would enjoy. The blog allows me to do this in a fun way and to reach movie fans everywhere.


As children, my two brothers, two cousins, and I saw “double features”on a regular basis. We’d brown-bag candy from the candy store and spend a delightful afternoon together, laughing our heads off and snarfing down our sweets. Heaven on earth!

I did lots of theater as a kid, continued it through high school, and got my first season subscription to the Mark Taper Forum when I
got my driver’s license at age 16. I love drama, stories, characters and their connection with the current zeitgiest.

I’m a great audience. When the lights go down, I go wherever the Director and production want to take me. I’m yours! It’s not that I’m not discerning, I just “Go there” easily.

I provide a bit of a counterpoint for Dave, although we agree on the many facets of the production most of the time.

Enjoy the show.

1427691008305432065Sam – Editor

Sam Phillips is a Lighting Designer, Gaffer, and Electrician in the Entertainment industry, and a long-time fan of the silver screen. After attending the University of Chicago, he moved out to Hollywood to have a hand in making the movie magic that he appreciates so much. Drop in and say hello at SamuelMPhillips.com