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American Sniper

January 22, 2015
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If you want me to take “pot shots” at American Sniper, it’s not going to happen!

Based on the book by Chris Kyle (mainly true), the film briefly depicts Chris’ childhood and his 20’s and then focuses primarily on his distinguished military service during the war in Iraq.

Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is barely scraping by on the rodeo circuit when he sees  terrorist attacks on TV.   He is outraged and decides to help defend the country.  He voluntarily enlists in the Navy and becomes a Navy Seal.  While in training as a Navy Seal, he falls in love and marries Taya (Sienna Miller-Foxcatcher).  After 9/11, he is sent to Iraq where he is a sniper protecting the ground troops.

Klye was the best sniper in US Navy history with 160 confirmed kills!  The movie realistically portrays the Iraq war and some of the very difficult decisions Kyle made about whether to shoot or not.  (The war scenes are intense, so be prepared.)  It also reveals the emotional cost Chris paid and the strain on his marriage and family life during his four tours of duty in Iraq. The film has no political agenda and doesn’t take sides about whether the war was worthwhile or not.  What is made clear is that Kyle strongly believed in the war and was dedicated to protecting  and defending the United States. He is a true American Hero.

The acting by Cooper and Miller is first rate. Cooper could win the AW, although I hope Michael Keaton wins.

Rating 8.5-AW- worthy movie.   It’s in my top 10, but not my top 5, for 2014.


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