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Transcendent Western!

Hostiles: Hope for the Human Race!

Jan 10, 2018No Comments

“Hostiles” is a magnificent film.  Although I had never even heard of Scott Copper, the Writer/Director/Producer, I sure won’t miss his future films.  This movie


Fine Acting By Streep and Hanks

The Post: A Battle for Freedom of the Press...

Jan 05, 2018No Comments

This film is a historical piece about government interference with freedom of the press in 1971.  The movie has relevance now, due to the way


Amazing True Story!

Molly’s Game: Take a “Chance...

Jan 04, 20181 Comment

This movie is based on Molly Bloom’s memoir, “Molly’s Game.”  Molly has a fascinating story which is well told by Writer/Director Aaron Sorkin.  Jessica Chastain