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Emotionally-Compelling and Intense!

Mudbound: Netflix Original Movie!

Dec 30, 2017Comments off

I haven’t read the novel “Mudbound” by Hillary Jordan from which this film is adapted, but I’m sure it’s a terrific one.  The movie, co-written


World War II Fans Will Like It!

Darkest Hour: The Right Man with the Right ...

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This film covers the brief time interval between May 8th and June 4th, 1940, which may have been one of the most critical points in


AAW Performances by Margo Robbie and Allison Janney!

I, Tonya: Skating On Thin Ice!

Dec 27, 2017Comments off

I really enjoyed this film, which is an interesting character study of Tonya Harding and the unbelievably-stressful and abusive childhood from whence she came.  It


More of the Same!

Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi: R...

Dec 26, 2017Comments off

This film starts where “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens” leaves off.  If taken in isolation, I think it’s a very good Star Wars


A Creative Riff on "Beauty and the Beast"

The Shape of Water: Goes Below the Surface!

Dec 22, 2017Comments off

This film is an unusual and creative love story, of the “Beauty and the Beast” genre.  The Writer/Director, Guillermo Del Toro, has a terrific visual


The Most Over-Rated Film of the Year!

Call Me By Your Name: Falls On Deaf Ears!

Dec 12, 2017Comments off

This film is on everyone’s top ten list and has a 98% Rotten Tomatoes critics rating, but Robin and I didn’t “get it.”  As far


AAW Performance by Brooklynn Prince!

The Florida Project: The Life of the “...

Dec 03, 2017Comments off

Writer/Director Sean Baker has created a unique and fascinating film.  Although fictional, it almost feels like a documentary due to its attention to detail.  For