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Wild Ride Through the Congo Jungle

The Legend of Tarzan – Special Guest ...

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Hurt by poor writing choices and spotty visual effects, The Legend of Tarzan swings in for a rather wild ride through the Congo. Desperately running


Lots of Action; Lacking Plot

Independence Day: Resurgence – Specia...

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The experience being far better than the plot could ever be, Independance Day: Resurgence is exactly what you think it is. Thirty years after the


Good Mix of Old and New

Finding Dory – Special Guest Reviewer

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Dear Movie Fans, We have a treat for you this week – a series of three reviews written by special guest reviewer Anna Kraus, a


Terrific Film!

Cafe Society

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If you are still interested in seeing Woody Allen films (despite his well-publicized personal problems), don’t miss “Cafe Society.”  I enjoyed this movie more than


Excellent Screenplay!

Truth – Netflix DVD

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This film didn’t stay in the theaters too long, but it deserved a better fate.  It has much in common with “Spotlight,” although it’s not


A Pretty Good Road Buddy Film!

The Fundamentals of Caring – Original...

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This film premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and is now on Netflix Streaming.  It is based on the Jonathan Evison novel “The Revised


Fine Performance by George Clooney!

Money Monster

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This film was directed by Jodie Foster.  It has an excellent cast, so I figured it would be pretty good.  It’s a better-than-average rental, but


Not One of Tarantino's Best!

The Hateful Eight – Netflix DVD

Jul 10, 2016Comments off

This movie is for Tarantino fans only, as it’s one of his lesser films.  It has all the ‘Tarantino movie’ pre-requisites, such as intense and