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See it if you liked the TV show!


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It has been four years since this legendary HBO series ended.  If you’ve missed the show (as I have), then you will probably enjoy Entourage,


A midnight movie cult classic!

The Room – 12 Anniversary! – Th...

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Do you remember how much fun it was to go the theater at midnight to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show?  Our blog Editor (Sam


Great Special Effects!

Jurassic World – IMAX 3-D

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If you are looking for a summer popcorn family movie with a little “bite,” take a trip to Jurassic World!  This is a “Go Big


Funniest Movie of the Year!


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Move over, James Bond (Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig), and make room for Super-Spy Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy)!  This is the funniest movie


Romance with WWI Backdrop

Testament of Youth

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This is a true story based on pacifist Vera Brittain’s best-selling memoir. Vera (Alicia Vikander — Ava in Ex-Machina) wants to go to Oxford and


Excellent Soundtrack!

Love and Mercy

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I am a huge fan of the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson.  I have all their cds and have seen The Beach Boys and Brian


Worth Seeing on the Big Screen!

Far From The Madding Crowd

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This film is a worthy adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic novel taking place in the 1870’s.  If you are bored with love triangles, this love


Almost a Must-See!

I’ll See You In My Dreams

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Carol Petersen (Blythe Danner) has been a widow for many years.  She is well-adapted to this situation.  She lives in a nice house with her