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This is the first movie from  Veronica Roth’s trilogy.  If you enjoyed the two Hunger Games movies you will probably like this one too, although

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit-DVD

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This is my favorite action movie of the year so far. It’s got a great ensemble cast (directed by Branagh) a good plot and plenty

Fading Gigolo

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Written, directed, and starring John Tuturro, this film is quirky and difficult to categorize.  It’s often  very funny but involves serious themes such as loneliness

Edge of Tomorrow

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If you like Sci-Fi alien invasion  movies try to catch this one before it leaves the theaters. Lt. Col  Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) is a


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Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is a young illegitimate Mulatto girl. Her  father (Sir John Lindsay-Matthew Goode) is white but her deceased mother was a


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If you are an Ingmar Bergman fan, you will probably enjoy Ida. Filmed in black and white, Director/co-writer Pawel Pawlikowski has crafted a film that

Draft Day

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My son plays High School football and I am a football fan so the family went to see Draft Day despite the mediocre reviews.  I


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Chef mixes the right ingredients to create a winner! Writer/Director/Star Jon Favreau (Carl Casper) is the Chef at an upscale restaurant owned by  Dustin Hoffman

The Hunt – Netflix Streaming

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This is a Danish film with sub-titles but worth the eye strain. Lucas (Mads Mikkelsen) is  a teacher but his school closed down so he