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Warm Bodies-HBO

Jan 11, 2014Comments off

If you enjoyed Zombieland (which I did) you will probably like this movie too.  I think it will eventually wind up a cult classic! We

The Great Gatsby-DVD

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I hated the Robert Redford/ Mia Farrow version of the book so much I couldn’t  even imagine that the classic by F. Scott Fitzgerald could

Lone Survivor

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Director/Writer Peter Berg (ER) has paid homage to US servicemen in this action/drama war film.  It is a good straight ahead war movie, if you

A Royal Affair-Netflix Streaming

Jan 03, 2014Comments off

This movie is based on a true story. It was on many Best 10 Foreign Film lists of 2012 and for good reasons.  I wanted

Saving Mr. Banks

Jan 02, 2014Comments off

I almost didn’t see this movie because the title turned me off.  A few friends of mine said it was really good so Rob and

The Book Thief

Jan 02, 2014Comments off

Although receiving poor reviews I liked this movie and I think it’s worth a trip to the BS. The story takes place in Germany from